Dear English speaking reader,

It came to my attention (I always wanted to use this phrase), that I’ve got a lot of American readers… or at least short visitors for this blog is written in German. This might be because a lot of books I've read and reviewed were written in English and so I talk about a lot of American authors and books. It would be too much work to translate every post into English – or it would take the fun out of it and the speed out of my writing, but I also have a goodreads account which I use intensively and in English. My reviews are way shorter there and most of the books I’ve read I comment there, which I’m not even doing here on a regularly basis, so befriend me, follow me, scream at me for giving a book you love not all the stars it deserved and all in all, let's have fun.


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Liebe Leser, ich freue mich über jeden Eurer Kommentare und nehme mir für jeden einzelnen die Zeit ihn zu lesen und zu beantworten. Deswegen werden Kommentare auch nicht sofort freigegeben und es kann einige Tage dauern, bis ich antworte. (Ihr könnt Kommentare zu den einzelnen Posts abonnieren und so auf dem Laufenden bleiben :) )
Vielen Dank! ❤